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45 responses to “What?! There really are secrets to getting millions of page views?”

  1. Ana Hoffman

    Wow, never knew my teeth were so white… LOL

    It was such a pleasure, Michael; this was the first interview I ever spilled so much for.

    You have a way of asking great questions!

    1. Michael

      Exceptional interview, thoroughly enjoyed it; the content was great!
      I’ve only just discovered Ana ( with One ‘A’ ), and I have to say she managed to create an instant rapport with me as I’m sure she does with her other subscribers, it’s so rare these days to come across someone genuinely honest and transparent.
      Oh, and by the way – brilliant interview, well done. (Have I already said that?)
      PS. I have subscribed to your blog.
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  2. Argie Monroy

    Pretty impressive! This is indeed one of the best blogger interview I’ve ever seen. Thanks for your “secrets” and for getting ‘em rollin’ Ana :) Cheers to that!

  3. Jane | Problogging Success

    Ana, what a value packed interview! You took about an hour in my working evening, and gal, I am stunned with the tips you shared here transparently.

    No doubt you’ve become an authority so soon. I’ve been following you closely since I knew you :) To me you are an authority blogger from whom I can learn and an unbeatable friend!

  4. Asa Gislason

    Hi, as requested, just wanted to let you know I´m alive ;-)

    And of course been listening to your interview with Ana, very informative and inspiring. Thanks to both of you.

  5. Ian Belanger

    Hi Michael,

    I can attest to the power of a blog commenting tribe. Ana accepted me into her tribe about a year ago and my blog has been getting so much more traffic ever since.
    My alexa is now about 150,000 global and a PR of 4. All thanks to the tribe and the quality people involved in it. Ana really knows how to get traffic.

    Thanks for sharing this interview Michael, very informative.


  6. Amie Marse

    Awesome! This was a fantastic interview. I cracked up when Ana mentioned G+ because that is exactly how I found this.

    Anywho – I am totally motivated. I have been contemplating how to utilize Linkedin for 2012 and Ana gave me the perfect idea: a group for my tribe.

    So I literally just launched a group for content generation firm owners like myself that I sent out to my circle of influence. Hopefully people will join up and be proactive to boost our traffic all around.

    Good times!

    My only critique of the interview is the sound mixing. Ana was a lot louder than you Michael so I found myself changing the volume a lot on my end. Not a huge deal but you asked for feedback :)

  7. Dave Lucas

    Why is it that people’s voices (when you finally hear them) don’t seem to mesh with their photographs?
    (All the great info in you video, and this is what my brain gets amazed by!)
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Scott

    Ana’s blog totally rocks! Thanks so much for posting this….it always helps to hear how she has done so well to make us all more motivated.

    I think her main thing is that she is REAL with her listeners and truly cares about them. That means a lot in this day and time.


  9. Discover Auctions

    I have been following Ana for a few months and she has given me so many tips to assist in my venture. She, Andy Bailey, and others such as Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing are some of the most genuine people that I have come across online. And like others who commented before me, I am going to find an auction tribe out there somewhere.
    Thanks so much for putting this interview together. It is awesome how two people on opposite sides of the world can create a video article and get it posted in no time. Excellent work, well done!

  10. Justin Mazza

    Hi Ana & Michael,

    I really enjoyed this interview and learned so much as I often do from the wisdom of Ana.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Justin Mazza

    I will also check out your other interviews as well. So much to learn in the blogging world and so little time to do it.

  12. MarkWeb

    Interview with Ana is really helpful. I have learn some new things which will try to use on my blog.
    One little problem is that interview length more than a hour, so I make notes
    of this interview and share in my post : Increase website traffic – tips from the best.
    Of course I linked back on original interview.

  13. MarkWeb

    Yes it is true, interview is great.
    Hope my brief summary is complentary with your article.

  14. secret agent girl

    There’s probably good content here, but I don’t have time to listen to audio. Reading is so much faster, and I can scan to sections that interest me. Transcription services are cheap, and 85% of audio/video out there is not respectful of people’s time.

  15. Peter Nguyen Marketing

    Great interview! I’ve learned so much.

    I think the biggest takeaway for me is to focus on ONE Call to Action per page.

    Studies after studies have shown that people’s brain get paralyzed when presented with too many choices and options…the end result is that no action is taken.

    By limiting the # of choices, it makes it easier for people to do something without the stress of thinking too much.

  16. Howard

    It seems that the greatest obstacle to success in attracting traffic is when the things that you are passionate about and expert in are very different from what is “in demand” on the ‘Net.

  17. Howard

    It seems that the main obstacle to success in attracting traffic is when the things you are passionate about and expert in are much different from what is “in demand” on the ‘Net.

  18. Sahil

    What a great interview! This is the first one I’ve watched since finding your site, Michael. I’m excited to see what other info-packed videos you’ve got here!

  19. Kathy Baker

    Thank you Michael for bringing us this fabulous interview with Ana Hoffman!

    And Ana, thank you for your amazing tactics and strategies you shared so freely, generously and spontaneously, as you always do. (I’ve been following your info for about 2-3 months now).

    It was just really interesting to see it here in this interview video format. Ana, you should do more video.

    Ana, I loved the tactics you shared, and your insights coming forward so freely and honestly, based on your own experiences.

    I just tried the personal email response to a new subscriber via autoreponder notification. And will try the others too… :)

    Thanks again heaps! :)

    And thanks Michael for this wonderful Interview Series you’ve been doing… :) Keep up your great work!

  20. Robert

    Ana’s tactic of following those of whom you are following is great advice. If you want to twist this concept a bit, then you can use one of Google’s tools:


    Basically, you can plug in a domain name, and it’ll give you a huge breakdown of that site. So you can find out what are the main sources of traffic for a specific blog in your niche, then explore those sources to find out their sources of traffic. By applying the same type of concept as Ana talked about, you can find out what sites could be extremely useful for building your own brand recognition.

  21. Ehsan Ullah

    If that’s Ana’s read picture than besides a pro blogger, she is also very beautiful :)
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Top 5 Reasons Why Forums Are Important For BloggersMy Profile

  22. vikram

    thank For Nice Interview Really Motivated..Looking Forward For ur more Interviews thanks..

  23. Nitin

    I think this video had changed me a lot, It had helped me to know some facts which I was not knowing. Nice and useful video for bloggers. I had watched it twice.
    And Ana hoffman is sweet and have good smile.

    Thank you for the lovely post.
    Nitin recently posted..Pharmacist’s Oath | For pharma people to serve mankind.My Profile

  24. Jilleen

    So informative! Thank you for being open and sharing so freely.

  25. Jitendra Vaswani

    Ana is definitely a blogging queen, she knows what her audiences want, she knows the best best tactics for driving mass traffic. For me she is inspiring. This interview is value packed. I respect her pretty much. She teaches me a lot.
    Jitendra Vaswani recently posted..Expert Chat: Interview with TiRoberts Sharing Secrets For Improving Reader EngagementMy Profile

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