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How Neil Patel Makes Millions From Quicksprout

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How Neil Patel Makes Millions From Quicksprout

How do your blog’s stats compare to Neil Patel’s Quicksprout?

  • Alexa 10,565
  • Annual maintenance cost of $160K to $200K
  • Annual revenues of $1 million+

Impressive, right? And if you are ready for another shot of envy, Quicksprout is just a part time effort. Neil writes blog posts on weekends and holidays, since his main focus is his companies: KISSmetrics, KISSinsights, and crazyegg.

Now, I wish I could tell you this interview includes step-by-step instructions to achieve what Neil has. The truth is it took him over 10 years to reach this point, and is a combination of natural ability, relationships, A LOT of work, and maybe even a little bit of luck. But still – this interview is packed with inspiration and actionable strategy.

Here are a few of the resources we mentioned:

Quicksprout: 10 Ways to Get More Retweets
Retargeter: an ad platform Neil uses for personal branding
Timothy Sykes: who Neil referenced as being able to sell information for thousands of dollars
Ramit Sethi: Neil says he’d gladly buy from Ramit – because of the focus on value and getting results

Enjoy the show – it gets really good towards the middle/end.

32 responses to “How Neil Patel Makes Millions From Quicksprout”

  1. Tom Treanor


    I think you “under-titled” that interview. That was a great interview and Neal really spills the beans on his success secrets. I learned quite a bit. Good for you for asking the tough questions even though Neal was a bit sleepy during parts (didn’t hurt his ability to share great info).

    Keep it up!


  2. Karen

    Wow! While I had to step away before it ended I have a feeling we could all learn a lot from Neal. I plan on coming back to finish watching after the kiddos go to bed and I can get a few minutes of quiet!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Liz

    Lots of good tips here, including getting a top spot on a social site like Neil did with Digg, getting traffic spikes with building connections with other bloggers, attending industry events, and of course the big key is writing great content.

    The reality is however that it does take hard work, you can tell from Neil’s yawns.

    Great interview :-)
    Thanks, Liz

  4. Blogging Tipster

    Hi Michael, this video is worth it’s weight in GOLD! Getting to hear an hour of talk from a giant like Neil is invaluable. You could actually charge people to watch videos like these. :)

    I got to learn a lot from his takes on twitter communities and free traffic generation.

  5. Trevor Gallant

    When I get discouraged about my $30/week income from Google Adsense I can now think about Neil’s success and hopefully keep going!

  6. Cameron Keng

    Great content, I recently stumbled onto your website from Mixergy.com looking through the ebook you helped write with Hiten. Great job with the direction of the blog. I think taking the interview process to the blogging niche was an awesome idea and the quality has been great.

  7. Switch

    I read every single post on Quicksprout that Neil wrote and I have an idea of his personality. I think this interview could have been more epic if it was more conversational….you might have well been talking to Siri on my Iphone…hahaha forgive me. It’s just that Neil yawned a couple times and it was nice of him to be patient with you but you really need to AMP it up!!!! If that’s not you, fake it till you make it!!!!

  8. Darshan

    Hey Michael,

    I just wanted to share with you the latest blog post from my blog in which I have listed out 4 people from whom I’ve mostly inspired. Neil Patel is top on that list!

    Let me know what you think.


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  10. Mukesh

    I found this site make proud to bloggers and encouraging to newbie bloggers to read popular writers. I hope one day my interview will be publish at writerwiews.com :)

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  12. Quora

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  13. Siddhi Panchal

    Just saw this interview, have learn a lot from Niel Patel and always staying updated by his blog. Keep on sharing your knowledge.

  14. Vishal Vivek

    Hi Michael ! Although Neil always shares these kind of blogging secrets in his blogs yet It was great to see all this nuggets of wisdom in one video. Than you very much for presenting such a video for all of us.

  15. Richard

    I have read his interview with great interest. Hoping to achieve what he has done to his blog. It is a difficult and challenge road.

  16. Manish


    I am unable to access this interview….. can u pls mail me the link….

  17. Jignesh R.

    I regularly read this young man’s blog, he is only 26 year old! You mentioned that it took him over 10 years + lot of hard work to reach this point. That was encouraging! Glad to find your website. Keep writing!
    Jignesh R. recently posted..Try This Easiest Trick To Boost Your Internet Speed On USB ModemMy Profile

  18. Kasim

    Man thats crazzy.. thats a whole lot of money.. :D WOW!!
    Kasim recently posted..Airtel 3G Internet Plans in Bihar / Jharkhand for Dongles & PhonesMy Profile

  19. Noman Ali

    Well great to see Neil patel, At the first day of my SEO career i started to follow him and when I was start my first official blog i was pleased to start my blog post with Neil Patel Interview and you know what this gave me great pleasure and till now i pleased to see him in my Blog post :) here is the blog link: http://www.socialhunt.net/blog/neil-patel-interview/

  20. Adam Dukes

    Awesome interview, Mike. How did you get Neil for an hour? I just interviewed him last week. Had 10 questions thinking it might go 15 minutes or so and it went 7. Still was fun interviewing him as I am a big fan. Neil is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.
    Adam Dukes recently posted..Wall Street Journal Calls Him A Top Influencer On The Web — My Interview with Neil PatelMy Profile

  21. Jitendra Vaswani

    Awesome interview with Neil Patel, he is SEO gem , I learned lot from him, this guys taught me about basics of SEO. You had an insightful interview with him. He is skilled blogger and hard worker. His efforts are priceless. I respect Neil a lot.
    Jitendra Vaswani recently posted..Expert Chat: Interview with TiRoberts Sharing Secrets For Improving Reader EngagementMy Profile

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